Why Protect Your Home and Not Your Car

Although I live in a gated community, this does not guarantee you that you are going to be isolated from crime and criminal activities around your neighborhood. We woke up this morning to find out that a few houses away a vehicle was stolen and an SUV across the road from our house was vandalized. One thing that struck me funny is that although every single one of his homes has a home alarm not a single one of the vehicles had one! Home security solutions is a big market in the United States in a recent study by Statistics MRC, annual sales of home alarms and security solutions amounted to about $32 billion in 2015. However, the global home security solutions market it is expected to reach $58 billion a year by 2022. That is an annual growth of about 8.9% year over year. To confirm this data, I decided to call my friend John at CCTVMiami.Co, a well-known store for CCTV in Miami and find out how was his business doing. John, not only confirms the numbers but also said that the biggest growth is businesses see and is coming from the security cameras department. Unlike many contractors in the CCTV business CCTVMiami.Co not only offers video surveillance but also ordinary home security products such as burglar alarms and monitoring services.

So, with the question is still open and after not being able to get any data on the size of the auto security market online so I decided to go to a car alarm specialist near me and find out more information about how many people are protecting their vehicles with a car alarm nowadays? The minute I walked into Hialeah Window Tinting I realized there were no new vehicles there. Nevertheless, I decided to have a conversation with the owner and talk about what type of client comes in for a car alarm and what type of auto security privacy offer. As a matter of fact, he carries all of the top brands in the market. We talked about Clifford, Viper, Avital, and so on. However, he explained that he could tell who is a car alarm customer who is not. It seems that people who are more affluent, drive nicer cars, and or live in gated communities are not concerned with their cars getting stolen and or vandalized. It seems that it is the working class, the people who cannot afford to get their car stolen and or vandalized the ones that are concerned in protecting what they have. He also cited that the fact that so many fake news TV stations, magazines, and newspapers publishing articles about how ineffective car alarms are does not help. On the same note, many of the same TV stations, magazines, and newspapers publish almost on a weekly calendar all the vandalism occurring at new car dealerships where hundreds of vehicles wheels and tires are getting stolen. The truth is that no matter what these people claim the FBI statistics are very clear more than 8 million cars will be stolen and or vandalized in the United States this year. If that number does not alarm, you don’t complain when something happens to your vehicle. As many will tell you people tend dismissing these types of crimes home till it happens to them. Something else to consider is that many insurance providers will subsidize up to 80% of the cost of a car alarm and or security system. So, it’s not like it is a huge expense to protect your vehicle with an antitheft device.

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