High Quality Comb Binding Machines

Why a high quality wire binding machine is an essential part of any successful business presentation

A proper presentation requires proper planning and preparation – all of which begin with high quality office supplies that get the job done.

Investing up-front will improve its perception and therefore it’s effectiveness. Hopefully we will detail below why taking steps to ensure the quality of your booklets and presentations are an integral part of any successful pitch.

A high quality, bullet proof binding machine doesn’t just add a nice touch to your presentation booklet, it is a necessary component to your arsenal of office supplies. In the same way that a veneer lends a nice sheen to bits of chipboard glued together, binding your presentation properly is absolutely imperative.

If you have cause to notice the work of a binding machine, you’ve shot yourself in the foot with poor office supplies. The mark of a high quality binding machine is invisible – you don’t notice the blemishes you’ve avoided.

Now that we have convinced you that a dedicated, industrial binding machine is a necessary component of preparing for any pitch let’s turn our attention to the different types available.

Comb Binding Machines

This used by arranging sheets of paper (such as a booklet or presentation) in a linear fashion before punching them all at once. A combing wire is then inserted through the holes to hold the sheets together. Anything from a hardback book to brochure can be created with this machine. The biggest benefit most businesses find from using this is savings in time.

Wire Binding Machines

If a professional look is needed for client proposals or business presentations, wire binders are the machine to go for. Additionally, they’re often used for calendars, training packs and notebooks. These machines come in two sizes: 2:1 or 3:1. This basically stands for whether the holes are punched 2 per inch or 3 per inch.
They are different from a comb binder in that the wire is ‘pre-opened’ and placed onto special hooks on the machine. The paper is punched and then ‘hung’ on the wires. A lever is then operated and squeezes the wires together, closing them off and binding the booklet.

Spiral Binding Machines

Sometimes called coil binders, these offer flexibility with a professional finish. As with comb and wire binders, holes are punched through a document before a coil is inserted in the first few holes. Both document and spiral are then placed onto the machine and a roller weaves in the coil through the remaining holes.

In this article we have hopefully covered why high quality business wire binding machines are a must for a presentation and which ones are available. Before you do rush out and buy one, make sure you shop around to find the right one for your business at the right price.

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